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Learning Technologies News - May 2012

Immune Defense "Beta" is Ready to Play!

Neutrophil in the game Immune Defense is shown tracking an E. coli bacteriumYou will also find a teacher's guide to the game.  Play the game with your class, follow up with some of our questions:  What is a "First Playable" version of a game?  How is technology developed?  What do you think you are supposed to learn in this game?  What do you want to learn from this game?  What is an LPS Receptor?  What is a protein? And then, please share your feedback with us.

Immune Defense presents white blood cells, their signaling proteins, their receptors, their activities, responses to signals, differentiation... and all of these must be used strategically to beat ever more tricky pathogens.  Web based, PC and Mac compatible, you will only need the Unity Webplayer.  Find everything you need here:

Click here to test our game with your students today!

Immune Attack still needs some evaluation, too!

Here you are piloting your Nanobot through the conective tissue....

Immune Attack is our PC-only, download-and-install, three dimensional game in which players to activate proteins to get white blood cells to do their jobs....  Set in a real fantasy world of the vein, connective tissue and a macrophage cell surface, Immune Attack delivers flying and shooting excitement and cellular immunology satisfaction. 

If you have a PC computer lab in your school you can collect data for us! 

Please SIGN UP HERE and we'll send you the details.

Calling Scientists!  Looking for Science Video Games?  Teachers?

Everyone wants to use "a great science game" in their classroom or their living room.  But which game is great for your kids or your audience?  We are collecting all the science games we can find for people 10 and up, and we are collecting comments and reviews so you can learn from your colleagues about these diverse games.

ARE YOU A SCIENTIST?  Would you like to review a game about PHYSICS or CELL BIOLOGY?  Are you a TEACHER?  We are soliciting EXPERT REVIEWERS to give us insight into what these science games do well and how many different ways they might be used in the classroom or the living room.  D

Are you a GAME DEVELOPER?  Well, ask your audience to review your game at

Teachers, please plan to help us next Fall!

We are planning a large scale controlled evaluation of Immune Defense.  We hope to show that the game + a lecture teaches better than just the game...  We will provide the lecture on video...  we hope you can help us out in the Fall Semester.  For more information, please sign up here.  Our collaborators are the Maine International Center for Digital Learning ( 

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About the Learning Technologies Program: The Learning Technologies Program was started at FAS in 2001, in response to the growing realization that technology might be a very important addition to our education system, but that it was not being developed in leaps or bounds. FAS Learning Technologies took a big leap when the started making Immune Attack and Discover Babylon in 2004. Both games are available for free download (PC only) at at our website.  Contact Melanie Stegman with comments.

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